Studio Tips and Techniques




For outdoor painting, the best design for an easel is one that will resist wind gusts along with the ability to hold the canvas at eye level. If the artist intends to hike in to spots to gain access to motifs off the beaten track, portability becomes an issue.

Painting Surfaces

A survey of different types of oil painting surfaces , how to prepare and where to find them.

Oil Paints

Two palette options are given to choose from. The comprehensive palette and a smaller five color palette.


Recommendations for types and numbers of brushes.

Sketch Box

A sturdy wooden paint box , either the box component of the french easel or a seperate box with hinged lid to store brushes, paints, etc.


Recommendations for surfaces for mixing paint


A description of what kind of pastels are required,along with recommendations for how many it takes to assemble a starter set.

Pastel Drawing Surfaces

Types of paper and boards are discussed.

Studio Supplies